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                     …. in an activated state, the kundalini centre is perceivable as a triangle in the                         tailbone area…
The kundalini system
What are we really talking about when we mention the kundalini system? During aura readings the activity of kundalini energy -and other metaphysical energies- can become clairvoyant ‘visible’ in parts someone’s’ energy body: the shoulders, the head, the back, the tailbone etcetera. That energy isn’t just visible in the body, but also in the energy field around us, outside our bodies. Anyone who is sensitive to energies may be able to feel this, sometimes very strongly. The kundalini energy can be experienced in your own body as a strongly moving or tingling sensation. It’s also possible that you sense the energy as warmth or light from someone else’s kundalini energy.
Through clairvoyantly perceiving kundalini energy on a regular basis, you can gradually get the picture of how the centres and energy channels are wired. One important kundalini centre is located in the tailbone, roughly 0.2 inches (0.5 centimetre) away from the end of the tailbone. This doesn’t concern the physical body, but the energy body! When at rest, this centre is barely noticeable, if at all. It might look like a dot of light. When activated this centre can be clairvoyantly visible as a triangle with an upper surface of 8 to 12 inches (20 – 30 centimetres), with the peak pointed down.
This tailbone triangle is home to three major channels of the kundalini system. A straight channel towards the crown and two channels circling around this straight channel. These channels are conjoined with the straight channel in the head, beneath the crown, by coiling themselves around the centre channel.
The straight channel is called the ‘Sushumna’ in Sanskrit, meaning the ‘middle channel’, and it mainly follows the spine in its way up. The circling channel starting on the left in the tailbone area is called the ‘ida nadi’ or the moon channel. This channel concerns our emotional side. The channel starting on the right in the tailbone area is called the ‘pingala nadi’, meaning the sun channel. This channel concerns our outgoing power.
The shape of this channel system is also known as the medico-sign (from the Greek god Aesculapius ) or the caduceus: the winged Hermes- or Mercurius staff with two snakes circling around it. the number of windings around the staff differ per picture. In former times, olive branches where circled around the staff. Later, these figures became snakes. Figure 3.1 is a simple illustration of the symbol of the kundalini system, with its coiling side channels and a straight flowing centre channel.

Figure 3.1 Symbol of the kundalini energy system

The theosophist Leadbeater (11) notes that the wings at the upside represent the ability to ‘consciously take flight in higher areas’. This refers to stages of higher development of the kundalini system.
The name Aesculapius originates from the Greek god of healing, Asclepios, also known as Aesculepius to the Romans. According to the legend(12) the centaur Chiron taught Asclepius his knowledge of medicinal herbs. Asclepius was the son of Apollo and the god of healing. Diffused among Greece, there were numerous shrines and temples dedicated to the healing of the sick through the gentle and powerful spirit of Asclepios. In many places in Greece, remnants of these temples still exist.
The staff symbolizes an important quality of the kundalini system, namely healing! When our physical defence system must be activated, for example when we have the flu, the kundalini system also becomes active and begins to empower the body to work against sickness. This is often coupled with fever.
In our energy body there are numerous finer energy channels. These are there to make sure that the kundalini energy is able to flow freely through the energy body. The bigger energy channels don’t only exist in our back, but also through our arms and legs. The kundalini system can be activated in a number of ways, such as through major physical performances, by experiencing intense emotions or through a meditative approach.
A meditative approach in starting up the kundalini energy
In this book we use a meditative approach for starting up the kundalini system. This is a method that turned out to be suited for several aura readers to gradually give their spiritual development extra impulses, without undesirable side-effects. These impulses lead to new forms of inner realization. In the following exercise the kundalini system is activated up to the first level of activity. Normally, the kundalini system is at rest, but through this exercise, the system is mildly activated. When you do this, a stream of kundalini energy flows out of your tailbone and you may experience that as a stream of warmth, tingling or as a movement of energy.
Guided meditation: starting up the kundalini system (First -level of activation)

  1. Grounding and cleansing. First do the grounding exercise and the cleansing meditation. When you feel the cosmic – and earth energy flow through you…you can begin to activate the kundalini.
  2. Visualize the kundalini-symbol. Visualize a screen in front of your sixth chakra…let it be a computer-screen or any other kind of screen, whatever works for you. Imagine the symbol for the kundalini system on your screen…this can be the esculape-symbol. Imagine that the kundalini symbol is full of kundalini energy, see it glowing with energy…
  3. Activate the kundalini system. Now mentally bring this symbol to your tailbone and let it activate your kundalini system …See figure 3.2. You may notice an energy change in your body. At first it might be a subtle sensation in your back, but gradually it may be felt elsewhere in your body too.

Figure 3.2 Starting up the kundalini system in the tailbone area

  1. Regulating the kundalini flow. Again, focus on your tailbone and see if you spot a small dot of light… some of you may see a lot of light and other may barely see anything at all. If you don’t see anything, you can visualize it. Once you have found or visualized a small dot of light, focusing on it may stimulate the kundalini energy to become more active. Now visualize a regulation dial regulation dial, just above that dot of light, with which you can regulate the intensity of the kundalini energy. Practice doing that, but don’t force anything…kundalini is a strong energy and the point of this exercise is to learn to intensify or to slow down the kundalini energy stepwise. It’s not about making this energy flow ‘Full Speed’. This would only imbalance you.
  2. Let the kundalini energy flow pleasantly. Now try to set the regulation dial so that the kundalini flow feels the most pleasant… the most delightful. This flow is the best intensity for your optimal spiritual growth during these exercises. See if you can simply enjoy this optimum…for some it is important to keep their back in a straight and more or less relaxed position for the energy to move through nicely. Try to find a good posture for doing this…
  3. Extra grounding for the kundalini. Because the kundalini is such a strong energy, it is good to strengthen your grounding. Imagine all the energy flowing from your tailbone to your left leg-channel (the centre of your leg) towards your left foot… update it to present time by writing the date in it, and write your name in it as well…sometimes images may come up from blockages in your kundalini system. Let these places in your leg light up mentally…and imagine that the kundalini becomes a light shade of green…resolving some of the blockages…Do not try to push them away with your energy. This only costs energy and usually isn’t very effective. A blockage has a reason for showing up in a certain place in your energy system. Sometimes it helps to look at the cause, to relax or make conscious contact with the this location. Let the energy flow around the blockage, towards your foot…in the middle of your foot, on the downside, is your left foot chakra. From there, visualize an thick elastic cord going towards the centre of the earth… and attach the cord to the centre in your own way. This strengthens the grounding of your kundalini system. Now feel the difference between your left and right leg…then let the kundalini flow to the right leg…follow the same procedure and complete it by connecting an elastic cord to the centre of the earth…
    Now feel your left and your right leg…if you feel any energetic difference, balance it…this gives you a good starting point for the next step.
  4. Bringing the kundalini upwards. Now imagine the kundalini flowing upwards your spine as a stream of energy… see figure 3.2. The energy moves partly through the channels towards your crown and partly towards your hands.
    You can, if you like, move the energy upwards with your hand guiding it.. hold your hand in front of your tailbone area and focus on that area…Then slowly move your hand upwards, and imagine that the kundalini stream s gradually led upwards by your hand…If you feel like there might be blockages in the stream, which is often the case, you can let the kundalini flow around it. Once the kundalini stream reaches your crown, you can let the stream move from the downside of your neck, through your arm channels…towards your hands. From your tailbone area you can let the kundalini energy flow to your feet…Finally this powerful energy will flow through your entire body.
  5. Playing with the kundalini energy. Once the kundalini is moving through your arm channels and hands, bring your hands together and try to feel the energy radiation between your hands…Then stop moving the kundalini towards your hands and notice the difference which sometimes can be remarkable. By ‘playing’ with the kundalini energy in this way, you will eventually become more sensitive to the power and radiation of this energy.
    Now set your regulation dial in a way that the kundalini energy flows through you in the most pleasant way, and try to feel that everywhere this energy flows, your system is being vitalized…

Especially, if you regulate the kundalini to the right intensity and if you let it flow through yourself in a relaxed way, this can be a very pleasant and healing experience. It may make you feel warm, and give a tingling sensation or give you the sense of waves moving through your body. In the beginning, don’t let the energy flow for too long, because that can become too much to handle for your energy system. At first it is enough to practice for five or ten minutes intensively. After a few weeks you can lengthen the period to 20 or 30 minutes, or as long as it feels good to you.
To illustrate some of the exercises in this book, you can find drawings of the metaphysical energies in and around peoples’ energy bodies. In the following intermezzo is more information about the nature of these drawings.
Intermezzo: Using drawings as a tool in meditation
The drawings in this book are meant to be a psychic tool to picture an energy system. That is why they are so simplistic, with just sufficient information to spark the imagination. They are based on the clairvoyant perception of energies. In reality these images are more complex and more colourful.
It’s always surprising to me to ; ‘see’ these energies. My physical eyes see someone’s physical appearance but when I close my eyes during an aura reading, and focus on someone’s energy clairvoyantly, I begin to see colours and shapes. The colours are indications of someone’s aura or energy body. Seeing clairvoyantly is different from seeing physically. The image isn’t immediately fully visible, like a photo, but it develops itself during the reading. At first there are only a few colours and shapes, but during an aura reading this can change and other colours or shapes can show up.
But it doesn’t stop there. In an aura reading we can communicate with these energies, they are living energies! Via our chakras we can talk with metaphysical energies and discover what certain colours and shapes mean. Sometimes you can also feel these energies, and even ‘smell’ them! As an aura reader there are times when you immediately know what something means, the so called ‘clairvoyant knowing’. ‘Ordinary’ images from events in someone’s life can become visible too. All this information can be important for the process of healing and spiritual development of a readee.
Every person has his or her own way of perceiving images and energies. The information in this book illustrates that. The drawings aren’t meant to be seen as ‘the’ appearance of an aura, but they are simply a stimulating tool for forming your own images, or rather; letting them be formed. I say this because there comes a moment where you discover you aren’t visualizing it, but that the image naturally comes to you. When this happens, you know you are beginning to get the hang of metaphysical perceiving. Good luck!
—End of intermezzo: Using drawings as a tool in meditation—
Deactivating the kundalini system
Many books and writings describe activation techniques for kundalini energy, yet cooling down techniques, for bringing the energy back to a state of rest, are almost nowhere to be found. This part however, is very important. Especially with people with a sensitive kundalini system the problem isn’t the activating but the deactivating of the system. People with an overly activated kundalini system, may experience a sense of heat and anxiety because they don’t know what’s going on or how to cool down the kundalini. They can also have difficulty grounding and they may not feel good in their bodies.
The technique used here, I first encountered at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and this appears in many cases to be an excellent tool to deactivate the kundalini system. With this technique, cool blue energy is used. Healing energy of this quality has the capacity to cool down somebodies energy system, unlike for example red healing-energy, which has a much more stimulating effect. Sometimes, when the kundalini energy is very active, it’s good to visualize blue energy that is ice cold, many degrees below the freezing point. With this cooling down method you can first visualize the cool, blue energy in a ball above your head after which you let this energy flow downwards through your crown. Wherever the kundalini is active, your energy system can seem to light up, start tingling or heat. By mentally filling up those places with the blue energy, you cool down the kundalini.

Cooling down the kundalini

  1. Setting the kundalini energy at a low level of activity.
    Focus your attention on your tailbone area and set the regulation dial in such a way that the kundalini energy comes to a lower level of activity…Some people can do this so effectively that the kundalini energy comes to a rest fairly quickly. Mostly however, this alone isn’t sufficient and more steps are necessary.
  2. Visualizing a blue ball.
    Imagine a blue ball to be at a minor distance above your head…Mentally fill up this ball with cool blue energy… (figure 3.3)

Figure 3.3 Cool down of the kundalini with cold blue energy

  1. Moving down the blue energy.
    Let the blue energy from the ball flow into your crown where it cools down all the kundalini energy present here and helps it retreat to the tailbone area… Next, let the blue colour flow throughout your entire body and especially to the places where kundalini energy is active. Especially focus on your backbone, since this is where all the major energy channels are. When the blue energy flows down through your spine, you can imagine the kundalini energy retreating completely into the kundalini tailbone area.
  2. Closing the seal.
    Just above the triangle kundalini centre is a kind of lock or knot that regulates the kundalini flow. This is called the brahma granthi’ in Sanskrit. (‘the knot of Brahma’). Now imagine a seal that stands open when kundalini energy is flowing…Let the blue energy close the seal as pictured in figure 3.4…so that the kundalini energy remains in the tailbone where it calms down more. imagine that when closing this seal, an imaginary bolt secures it. This way the seal won’t open so easily.

Figure 3.4 Blue energy closes the seal of the tailbone area

  1. Cosmic and earth energy.
     Finally, let cosmic and earth energy flow…feel how light this energy is compared to the ‘solid’ kundalini energy.
    Visualize and ‘blow up’ several roses if you want…This will make your energy system clear and clean again. Visualize a sun above your head…and fill your energy system (the energy body and the aura) with this ‘sun energy’…and lastly bow, and place your hands on the floor…doing that often feels pleasant because in this way the excess of energy is being drained.

After you have done these exercises, you have possibly done the first controlled kundalini exercise of your life. It may have been a very calming exercise for you, or maybe it was quite intense. Every persons energy system is unique and will respond differently to this energy.
The effects of the exercises in this book can get stronger after repeating them a couple of times, although another distinct phenomenon may occur. After practicing a few times with these and other meditational exercises, it might begin to feel more and more difficult to let energies flow. This is a phenomenon that many people who work with energy in a meditational setting are familiar with. If you want to keep going on anyway, there are several options.

What if practicing gets harder and harder?
You can use your own inventiveness and creativity to find ways to carry on the meditational exercises. Sometimes it helps to gain some knowledge, tips and ideas from others. Here are some examples:
– Simply carry on
In this case you will notice after several weeks that you really are developing your ‘energy level’, and that the exercises become easier and more effective then when you started doing them.
– Discovering something new about kundalini energy in colours
You don’t have to do the same thing over and over to get ahead. By using your creativity and sensitivity, you can discover new aspects that stimulate the development of your spiritual capacities.
For example, you can experiment with different colours of the kundalini energy. Imagine that the kundalini energy is light green at first, then yellow, then orange. Feel the difference. Although it’s different for every person, light green tends to be a soothing colour for many people (the greenness of nature is an example). Yellow is often regarded as a mental stimulator and orange can feel pleasant to the body.
Written below is an experience of a proof reader in which she discovers new possibilities when working with kundalini energy.

Juggling energy
‘That regulation dial was quite exciting to me…I set it to a higher level than usual…and I became a little creative with visualizing too…I turned the kundalini energy that came out of my hands into small balls and I ‘played’ with them…I wondered if I could ‘juggle’ them and how that would feel. That was a pretty funny experience to see those balls twirl in the air. It was surprising to feel the balls land in my hands. But something else happened. It seemed that the energy of the kundalini balls was strengthened by playing with them. As if the rhythm and the twirling in the air, and the cheerful atmosphere increased the energy of the balls. I don’t know if I just imagined it or if it was an ‘objective’ effect of the visualization.
After doing this, I felt the need to take the little balls back into my energy system again. And I did. One through my solar plexus and one through my heart chakra. That turned out to be a healing little ball…’

– Use kundalini energy for healing
You can move the kundalini energy through different parts of your body as a means to clean these parts and make them whole again. Notice that certain colours have a soothing effect and others give a stimulating or even irritating sensation.
– Doing the exercises with other people
When you do the exercise with other people, it’s best to have one person lead the exercises while the others follow their instructions. It’s recommended that the person who leads the exercise, has already done the exercises several times himself. This can strengthen the effect of this exercise and of similar exercises. When doing this with other people, you stimulate each other and an energy field grows in the space the exercise takes place. This also works stimulating. When working together, you can also exchange experiences, which can broaden your horizon. Be interested in others’ experiences but do not judge them: that would decrease the chance to experience the reality and develop spiritually for the other person and yourself
Through exchanging information with others, you will notice that other people may have similar experiences that are still unique. The latter prevents you from getting a too specific, narrowed-down image of working with kundalini energy and helps to stay open for other experiences.
When you have experience with aura healing and reading you have the possibility to exchange healings with each other or to give each other small aura readings. The latter can give you more insight on the meaning of kundalini energy in your life and stimulate your spiritual growth.
When you haven’t done that before, the taking of a course in aura healing or aura reading can also be a good stimulator. This way you learn the basis-techniques that are described in the second chapter and these you can also apply in other exercises of this book.
– Working with memory-images of kundalini energy
Everybody has let their kundalini energy flow at many points in their lives, but we aren’t usually aware of it. During kundalini meditations, you can tune into earlier kundalini experiences in your life. Let these images and feelings come up, and feel how this makes the kundalini energy flow extra. Try to discover how, with different memory images, the energy flows differently. This can provide much insight on the subject of ‘kundalini in the everyday life’.

Good luck with meditating with kundalini energy!

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