KundaliniNetwork or “KoendalinieNetwerk” in  Dutch language

Welcome to the contact network for spiritual development, healing and kundalini energy

Kundalini energy is seen both as the primal force of man and as a driving force for spiritual development. But what is it and what can you do with it? On this website you can find more information about it and also practical tips and exercises. Tips are included for people with an overactive kundalini.

Symbol of the kundalini system

Check out the English blog on Discovery Journey Kundalini Energy! Here you can read how the kundalini energy can be used in a harmonious way for spiritual development. 


This information has been produced by the activities of a group of aura healers who gathered for years every few weeks, and still come together to work in a meditative way on their spiritual development. The harmonious use of kundalini energy was central. Furthermore, a lot of information on this website comes from aura readings. In those readings somebody’s energy was clairvoyantly observed with a focus on what was important for one’s life. In addition to these activities numerous people exchanged experiences, which yielded many practical tips for people with an overactive kundalini. These can be found on this website.

Have fun with this website and enjoy your spiritual development!

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