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Kundalini is a word which arouses a lot of expectations, mystical feelings and sometimes even fears. It is an energy you can encounter when you dive deeper into the realm of spiritual development. It is a word coming from the Sanskrit language, the old language of India, and means ‘coiled up’. In some mystical books and tales the activation of the kundalini has been described as a way to attain a form of enlightenment. But is this true? What is the reality of kundalini energy in everyday life?

To become more aware of the workings of kundalini energy I formed a group, years ago with some aura healers and aura readers. We did exercises and exchanged our experiences in two-weekly sessions. Reports were made of each session and distributed under the participants.
After a couple of years an impressive body of knowledge grew around kundalini energy, healing and meditation. This was such rich information that I decided to write a book about it in Dutch. For many people this was interesting and inspiring. It gave practical information they could use to expand their frame of reference and to experiment in a save way with this powerful energy.

To respond to questions from all over the world about kundalini energy I also made an English version of the book. Thirza translated the Dutch text in English. However Thirza, a Dutch student in Celtic language, and myself are not English native speakers, so we are not sure about the quality of this translation. May be you can help us! In this blog we will publish a series of chapters of this book and we appreciate your comments. You can type them at the end of each chapter. The comments can refer to the language used or to the content. Both comments are welcome. If you like to receive a ‘Kundalini alert’ when a new chapter is put on this website, please send me your name and e-mail address. I wish you light in your spiritual heart, Pierjasi.

Feel free to comment on both content and used language on below draft versions of the book’s chapters. Thank you for your input.

‘Discovery Journey Kundalini Energy’

Preface of Discovery Journey Kundalini Energy [Conceptversie] 18-09-2018
1 Discovering kundalini energy [Conceptversie] 25-09-2018
2. Preparing for kundalini [Conceptversie] 14-10-2018
3 Starting up the kundalini [Conceptversie] 10-08-2019
4 Fountains of Kundalini Energy [Conceptversie] 11-08-2019

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