What is kundalini energy?

There is an important energy in each of us, human beings, centred in the tailbone area. Usually this energy functions on a low level and we don’t notice it consciously. This energy is much stronger in case of certain peak experiences, life and death situations or periods of major change in our lives. What does this energy do? Combined with other energies (in our food and from the earth, sun, the air, spiritual realms etc.), it forms an essential part of our life. Without kundalini there is no life! It has an essential function in the formation, development and changes of our bodies during our entire life. It can both reinforce our emotions and mental concentration and also disturb these! 


On a spiritual level, it can lead to peak experiences and can help to realise moments of unity with our Self and the God within (the enlightenment experience). If we start developing the kundalini energy in a conscious way, ‘doors keep opening’ in our spiritual development and new areas for healing and spiritual attunement become available. Step by step the aura reader and healer will discover new possibilities in treating his or her clients.

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