Aura Gallery

Aura Gallery

In ‘Discovery Journey Kundalini Energy‘, a book written in the Dutch language, many drawings of aura’s, the flow of kundalini energy in the subtle body and other energies in and around a person are depicted. But… all are black and white. To give the reader an impression of the colors of the aura a number of drawings are colored to demonstrate the clairvoyant view of it. These drawings are shown in this Aura Gallery. These are personal colorings of an aura healer of the colors of the aura in the meditations and exercises of the book. They are meant as an invitation to make your own color drawings of the aura!

Marie-Andrée Brands made the drawings and Margriet Born gave the aura colors.

Figure 1: Centres and channels of the kundalini system

The kundalini system counts eight centres in which earth and spiritual kundalini energy flow. If these centres are activated rather intense streams of energy can flow through the subtle body and the aura. It is than a challenge to balance both kundalini energies. That promotes a vast and harmonious spiritual development. The inner observation and awareness of these centres occurs usually after a long period of conscious working with kundalini energy.

Figure 9: Symbol of kundalini energy

This kundalini symbol shows the most important energy channels in the subtle body: the central channel (the sushumna), the moon channel (starts left under) and the sun channel (starts right under). A visualisation of this symbol can be used to activate meditatively the kundalini system (page 59 of the book).

Figure 13: A fountain of kundalini energy comes out of the crown

The start of the flow of the kundalini fountain usually is accompagnied by a jump in spirityal development. Parts of your life and in yourself can become temporarily in a process of transformation. The meditation on page 74 – 77 gives the opportunity to activate in a meditative way the kundalini system untill the second level of activation where the kundalini flows as a fountain out of the crown of your head.

Figure 14: Overview of the seven chakra’s

In our subtle body we possess seven great mostly round energy centres: the chakras. Each chakra represents a world of experience and consciousness. The first chakra under the pelvis (tailbone by men and perineum by women) is the most earth oriented. The crown chakra the most spiritual one. The colors, which could be observed in an aura reading are usually different in each chakra. In one chakra sometimes differnt colors can be distinguished; each color has its own meaning which can be unique for a person.

Figure 20: Seven layers of the aura and the border of the aura

Our aura is a complex structure in which seven aura layers can be distinguished. Each layer belongs to an energy (or subtle) body that we have. With a healing meditation (page 97) you can clean your aura. Then the auric energy field around you, and thus yourself, starts shining!

Figure 20: To feel the radiation of the hands

If you let flow earth and cosmic energy through your energy body to your hands, you can experience energy in between (exercise page 107). The way this energy is experienced wil be different for each person: a sensation of ’tingling’, pressure, a difference in temperature of even a dradt of air.Some people wil feel nothing or they think that they feel something but are not sure. This may be the beginning! If you work with kundalini energy usually this experience will be more intense.

Figure 24: Spiritual kundalini energy

Allowing the spiritual descending kundalini energy to flow in your energy system, helps to develop your higher and more subtle spiritual abilities With an open heartchakra you can focus on a triangular kundalini centre 30 cm above your head and imagine the spiritual kundalini energy starts flowing through and over your energy body(exercise page 142 – 144). This is an uplifting and very pleasant experience which stimulate your spiritual growth!

Figuur 30: The golden light meditation

With this golden light meditation you can become more aware of your inner space and make contact with a special feeling of balance and fulfillment. During this meditation you let flow the kundalini energy as a golden stream through the three back channels. Then, open the hart chakra and let the golden rays of the kundalini shine in your subtle body and your aura.

Figure 33: Position of the kundalini triangle with an ascending ‘earth’ kundalini flow (left drawing) and a descending spiritual flow (right drawing)

You can focus on the tailbone kundalini triangle during the ascending kundalini flow: left triangle with the point directed downwards. Focus after that on the descending spiritual kundalini. The first picture will fade away and the picture on the right will appear (page 188).

Exchange of experiences?

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