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Something tells you more is possible… 

There could come a time when you realize you are not making progress in your spiritual development. Somehow you know more is possible, a greater or deeper contact with your inner being, the cosmic, the light, or however you want to call it. Still, you keep asking yourself: how do I reach this contact? How can I make progress with my spiritual growth? How do I reach a form of inner realization? It is possible you have already discovered to know several spiritual dimensions; maybe you have consciously made contact with your chakras and your aura, or you may have actively participated in a spiritual movement or organization, perhaps you meditate regularly, it could be you are familiar with the concept of past lives and maybe you even work with some form of healing. But still,…Is this all there is?

Kundalini as a transformative energy
In Eastern oriented esoteric books you may find the word ‘kundalini’. This energy is also called the ‘creative energy’ of the universe, because it plays an essential role for everything coming into existence. It’s also called a ‘transformative energy’ because it provides a stimulating power during great changes. Kundalini is also a very powerful energy that can lead a human being into performing extraordinary deeds, and it can help to heal illnesses. It’s an energy that can be consciously activated, and in response travels up the spine as a tingling and luminous  flow of light, which is called shakti’ in Sanskrit. The kundalini can unite with her energetic opposite, the spiritual kundalini energy, a manifestation of ‘Shiva’, also a Sanskrit word which can flow down the spine, starting at the top of the aura. Letting these energies flow intentionally opens up spiritual dimensions and gradually leads to far-reaching inner awareness. This development must be gradual and should not be forced, because this holds the risk of your energy becoming imbalanced.

Kundalini as a tool for spiritual development
This book explores working with kundalini energy as a tool for enhancing one’s own spiritual and healing capacities and for gaining greater spiritual awareness. This also means obtaining greater awareness of our inner intuitive feelings, and learning how they affect our day–to-day life. In an ultimate form this leads us to becoming aware of our inner light and our divine spark. Making a conscious connection with our spiritual heart or our heart chakra is therefore essential because this is the pathway to our inner light.

Exercises for gradual activation
So, how do you work with this book? Along with meditational practices and healings, there are exercises for a gradual activation of the kundalini system. This combination can lead to deep and intensive spiritual growth. A basic component of the exercises is consciously connecting with the heart chakra and also letting the heart chakra be in control of the kundalini energy. This helps to keep the focus on spiritual development within ones’ own essence and to keep the kundalini energy balanced. Doing the healing exercises allows you to purify, clear and clean yourself energetically in many ways. If you are a healer yourself, you will notice that you can help people in deeper ways.
Levels of activation
In working with this book, you will work with two so-called activation-, or awakening-levels of the kundalini system. These are levels of higher activation in which the kundalini energy can flow through your energy system. The method starts with a ‘warming up’-practice, followed by a series of exercises to gradually bring the kundalini system to a higher level of activity.
Also, there are several spiritual exercises in this book that become more accessible because of that higher level of activation of kundalini energy.
Doing these exercises regularly automatically affects your contact with the world around you. For example, moments can occur in which you might appreciate experience the beauty of nature more intensely or you may become able to help others in a more intuitive and effective way than before.
The essence of all these practices is that they allow you to explore your own spiritual reality for yourself, and that they increase your awareness of who you are in your deepest being. Then, you can choose to live your life from that place. An activated kundalini also helps you to expand your healing and transformative capacities. To illustrate what you can encounter while doing these practices, several experiences of proof readers are in this book. They are meant to be examples of experiences that you may encounter yourself when you begin this discovery journey. But first, something, about my own journey.
Discovering kundalini energy, a personal testimony
What is kundalini energy? Is it useful? Is it related to enlightenment? Can it produce an increase of spiritual abilities? Can it be dangerous?
These were the questions I had twenty years ago, already having several years of personal and spiritual growth behind me.
This development started midway in the sixties of the last century when reading the book ‘the first and the last freedom’, by Krishnamurti. This book was a breath of fresh air to read during my college years as a student of an exact science, chemistry! At last, a whole different approach and a refreshing new vision. Attending lectures about parapsychology at the university was an important addition to exploring the invisible domain of telepathy, precognition and other paranormal phenomena. Besides that, I took yoga lessons for the course of a year, as a attempt to genuinely become the real me, the person I essentially am; my inner self. Interestingly, in that same period, because of my study in exact science I began to view the world in a materialistic way. Because, if there was a god, I reasoned, than all the misery on earth would have never to be allowed, would it?

Reading spiritual literature
Years later, after my university college, my interest in spiritual matters was renewed by reading several books about paranormal subjects. I found it striking that various authors from different countries and ages, kept mentioning the aura as a field of energy around the human body. They also agreed on the chakras as energy centers within the human body, and they kept mentioning reincarnation, -the human being as a spirit in a body. I figured that if this many authors, who seemed to be reliable, wrote about these themes independently of each other, there had to be some truth in it. However, this remained hypothetical as long as I could not perceive auras and chakras directly myself.
Bio-energetics, reincarnation
Working with bio-energetics, twenty years ago, put me in touch with the deeper emotions and energies that operate in me and, in one way or another, in all of us. It gave me the possibility to work on certain energetic blocks in my body. Doing bioenergetic exercises and guiding others in that process, was very meaningful and heart-warming to me. Still, after several years I noticed that working on my blockages with bioenergetics was not really productive anymore and I started looking for other possibilities. This is how I got into contact with reincarnation therapy. Going into deep relaxation, revealed images to me of past lives. Wondrous, and at times, intense experiences of these past lives popped up. This had an enormous impact on me and it costed me weeks, sometimes months, to process them and to work through them. The idea behind this reincarnation therapy was that by processing certain events from past lives, blockages from this lifetime could be resolved. This, so I learned, only had partial success. Still, it did provide me with many new insights and it gave an unprecedented new depth to my life; I discovered that we are by no means ‘by chance’ on this earth, but that our lives and whom we encounter, are profoundly meaningful.
An example of a past live relation
For example; at one point, when I asked myself what all those people from past lives meant for me, my reincarnation therapist asked me, during a session, to focus on the lover of a past life that had just been shown. Next, he asked me if I knew this person in this life as well. Immediately the image changed and very quickly I saw many images ‘pop up’ that I did not instantly recognize, until the moment where I suddenly saw a clear image of an old girlfriend of mine from this life. I was astonished, mainly because of the straightforwardness and clarity of what had happened.
After that I discovered that many people who I know in this lifetime, I have also known in previous lives. Moreover, I discovered that I did not just randomly meet people in this lifetime. Often times I had already been through a good deal of things with them in past lives. This deepened my experience of my current life immensely. I found it to be unique to be able to go on with these people, whom I already knew from past lifetimes, and to work out and discover new things with them in this life.
Another discovery in working with reincarnations, was that actions of consecutive past lives are often linked. In one life you might be an authority figure in respect to someone else, and in the next life those roles might be reversed and you yourself could be the underdog. Experiencing both sides of anything is essential for moving forward, ensuring that you do not keep repeating the same mistakes over and over, but that you find a whole new attitude and mentality and that you may cultivate a new behavioral pattern.
My first conscious kundalini experience
It was in this period that I also had my first conscious kundalini experience. In a book about the energies of human beings, a breathing exercise was described for the activation of a special energy, the kundalini energy, in the tailbone area. Once this energy was activated, an incredible spiritual growth was within reach. This book advocated this as the way towards major spiritual development. The simplicity of the exercise and the suggested prospects, seemed to be worth a try.
After a few weeks I noticed an effect. During an intense meeting at my university where I worked as a consultant, strange flows of energy started surging up my spine. These  flows were not necessarily pleasant or irritating, but they did have a very unpleasant effect: I lost my focus and had to make the greatest effort to concentrate during the meeting. The following weeks the same phenomena occurred in diverse situations. The effect of these energy  flows worsened; I had to spend all my energy on not losing myself in it.
I took a temporary break from doing the exercises and this helped, the occurrence of the energy  flows ceased, while doing the exercises again lead to the their return. When this became evident, I stopped doing the exercise permanently, because this was not my way for spiritual development.
Aura reading
After this episode, a new period of developing awareness of auras and chakras began. I followed a -training for aura healing and then studied aura reading. Worlds opened up to me! I discovered that auras and chakras could be felt and perceived by me clairvoyantly during an aura reading. The big surprise was that perceiving them could be learned and that it wasn’t something one was either born with or not, as I had always believed it to be the case. And not only that, but, much to my surprise, it turned out that healing ones’ own and other peoples’ energy systems, was within the realm of possibilities
A period of fast spiritual growth began. Much of the spiritual information I had come across before in books, I could now verify and I could start to base my knowledge upon my own personal observations. Energetic imbalance as a result of past lifetimes, could often be energetically healed and past lives needn’t be lived through again.
Once again the kundalini became active and I learned that an imbalanced kundalini system could be healed by an aura healer, someone who could cleanse and stabilize a persons’ energy- channels from a small distance usually one or two meters. Later on I became able to do this healing for other people.
Getting back to kundalini
Sixteen years ago I began giving aura readings and healings, besides my work in education. Also I went to Berkeley in California on two occasions, to get readings and healings and to participate in workshops. This American Institute, the Berkeley Psychic Institute, began giving courses on this subject in the 1970’s.
The second time I was in Berkeley, I followed a workshop which was essential for my working with kundalini. I was already fascinated by the possibilities of kundalini energy, now and then I got clients, readees, who had an active kundalini energy, and I too had experience with having a very active kundalini center in my tailbone area. At Berkeley I participated in a ‘ kundalini workshop’. In this workshop, I meditatively let kundalini energy flow as a  flow of energy, upwards to my crown and back. It was then that I learned the basic tool I would use a lot, which was the starting point for new discoveries. This exercise is described in the second chapter of this book.
Kundalini readings
in the course of the eighties of the past century I became more and more interested in kundalini energy. Even to the point that in the nineties I decided to focus on giving aura readings of people’s kundalini energy. I placed several small ads in a few New Age-magazines with the offering of giving an aura -reading of kundalini energy for free, since I was still a student myself. Dozens of people from all over the country called me and for the course of over nine months I was giving kundalini readings. In that time something wondrous happened; not only was I clairvoyantly perceiving peoples kundalini energy, but my own kundalini system started to develop very rapidly.
These aura readings stimulated me to become aware of the different aspects of the kundalini energy.
The kundalini rose
In giving the readings I had to find my own form, and I started working with the rose as a symbol for someone’s kundalini energy. The rose is a much used and familiar symbol in aura -readings and it is used as a symbol for someone’s soul personality in the realm of mystics. In my case it concerned a special ‘kundalini rose’. 

Figure 1.1 The kundalini rose

The flower petals mirrored somebodies qualities in their everyday life, where kundalini energy played a role. Often these were special aspects of somebodies personality or talents. For example, a person with feeling for handling certain things effectively, or with special healing capacities, used, often unaware, his or her kundalini energy for these talents. The stem of the rose symbolizes the way somebody used the kundalini energy in the course of his or her lifetime. The roots of the rose reflected how somebody has given those qualities a place in the world.

Kundalini energy fields
The kundalini energy turned out to not only flow within the energy body of a person, but also outside of this body. During kundalini readings whole energy fields around the person became visible, because of the kundalini activity. This turned out to be the case during the aura -reading of a healer. That explained why with some of her clients their healing began noticeably as soon as they walked into the room of the healer. The energy-field present in that room that had been awakened by the kundalini energy of the healer, already created a first healing-impulse with these clients before the treatment had actually begun!

Peak experiences
With other people the kundalini energy appeared to be connected with certain peak-experiences. In one case with a woman it showed during an aura-reading that on these kind of moments in her life her kundalini energy would flow like a fountain. This gave her the feeling of being perfectly good in her energy and it left her feeling very pleasant. This type of energy-patterns will be elaborated on in one of the upcoming chapters. With some readees,- people who receive an aura-reading, it turned out that in sport performances, the kundalini energy was extra active in the body and contributed to that performance. This is something that occurs with many more people when they deliver great physical endeavors.
Kundalini and life purpose
In one aura reading the activity from a persons’ kundalini energy appeared to be closely linked to his life purpose. The definition of a life purpose here is the plan that is formed in everyone’s soul for their life, before birth. That for which you are ‘cut out’ to do. This mission is a challenge for the upcoming life, with old experiences from previous lives weaved through it, such as talents, ‘karma’, etc. This plan guides us, in our lives, unconsciously, and we can still deviate from it. The truth is that it is a genuine art to, keep sensing what is the best thing to do throughout our lives,. This optimal path, as it appears in aura reading, seems to be most in accordance with our life plan. For the readee mentioned here, writing a book about a spiritual subject was an important element in his life mission. It turned out that the kundalini played a key role in the realization of that book. Later on it actually turned out to be the case with everybody that the kundalini system is closely linked to our mission in life.
Kundalini and healing
In an extraordinary way my own capacities for healing were stimulated during these series of readings. Often times during an aura reading, when I gave the readee information clairvoyantly about difficult issues, the problematic energy dissolved before I had even applied any healing methods. This phenomenon kept on reappearing time and time again.
Later, I developed new methods for self-healing and healing, due to the activation of my kundalini system. A number of those has been described in the exercises of this book.
After a sufficient amount of practice the kundalini energy lead to the expansion of my spiritual capabilities. I could also gradually detect stronger aspects in the energy system of the readee but also recognize various problems and their causes and resolve them. Moreover, this was also the case for my own energy system. Because of the activation of my kundalini system, I was able to come to a greater understanding, and heal on a deeper layer.
The kundalini group
After nine months of giving kundalini readings, I had collected so many experiences and gathered so much knowledge, that I decided to place another add. This time it was an invitation to join a group, the kundalini practice group, with people who had experience with aura healing (and reading). Together we could do kundalini exercises and share experiences. About ten people participated in the first group. The challenge was to find out if it was possible for all participants to experience their kundalini energy, in a conscious way. to get images of this energy system and to heal ones’ own and other peoples’ energy systems. This turned out to be possible and it lead to a new and even more intense spiritual discovery journey.
New discoveries
Each session of this group, once in a fortnight, lead to new discoveries. This way, the group also became a kundalini research group. The kundalini energy could flow in various ways which sometimes lead to special experiences of fulfilment and harmony. After every session I made a report of what had happened, with some further information about certain subjects. The reports of the first year of the group, became the basis of this book.
After writing a report about a meeting, something wondrous happened. Once I attuned to the upcoming meeting, I began to receive images, intuitively, of exercises for that meeting. I went on to do these exercises myself and had to repeat doing them sometimes, again and again, to remove inner obstacles and to get the hang of it so that I could present them to the group. Meanwhile I kept giving aura readings that often gave me an impulse for new discoveries.

Kundalini in my daily life
In my daily life as well, my kundalini system gradually became more active and I continually gained more consciousness of the way this energy flowed. For example, while I was jogging outdoors in the woods, this energy helped me to get in the right energetic state so that I could run long distances smoothly in a certain cadence that almost brought me in an meditative state, This type of energetic experiences is an important part of this book. Furthermore there appeared to be subtle energy transitions between ones working mode and leisure mode, involving kundalini. For instance, when I would get to work, my kundalini system would automatically switch to a slightly different energetic state. I also found a different aspect of kundalini energy: emotions can be enhanced by kundalini to the point that they became out of proportion.
Opening new spiritual dimensions
The most impressive effect of working with kundalini energy was the opening up of new spiritual dimensions. In due course old questions got their answers. These were questions such as; What is kundalini energy really? Is it of any use? Can it be associated with enlightenment? Can kundalini provide expansion of spiritual capabilities? Can it be dangerous?
The latter question, ‘how dangerous is kundalini energy?’, recurred several times. Every time I had stimulated my kundalini system to develop faster than my subtle bodies were developing an imbalance occurred. The  flows of energy got more intense, I had difficulty sustaining energetic balance and it was hard not to be afraid that things could end up badly. On one occasion, I had a dream about houses burning to the ground, previous to a meditation in which I overstimulated my kundalini system!
In the books written by Bonnie Greenwell, Gopi Krishna, and Yvonne Kason, a number of similar experiences have been mentioned. The things I experienced when I overburdened myself were typical for an imbalanced kundalini system.
I learned that when these symptoms occur, it means it’s best to soothe the kundalini energy and not to stimulate it any further at that point. It works well to do special soothing healing meditations (which are written about in this book), and to clean the kundalini energy, and lastly it is best to avoid stimuli that could activate the kundalini.
Gradual deepening
Working with kundalini energy in attunement with the heart chakra gradually led to awareness of higher and deeper inner dimensions. For example, the awareness of a greater self, involving all our past lives. Numerous qualities that we have developed in past lives are available via this greater self; a wealth of experiences and capabilities is hidden inside us. Gaining awareness of these, even for a short period of time, expands and enriches our life experience.
This has proved to be not just a theory but it became a vivid reality. This also applies to our divine spark, the ultimate core of our being. This is a source of light we are always connected to, or rather, it is what we essentially are. Every minute of our lives there is the opportunity of turning our higher impulses and energies into thoughts, feelings and actions. Every moment we can bring some of that inner light out into our daily life with our actions. This is not an easy ambition because our ingrained thinking- and behavioral-patterns are just waiting to sabotage us. Especially when life doesn’t seem fair. Consciously connecting with our inner light demands our inner attuning and activating the creative process of translating our inner higher impulses to thoughts, feelings and actions. I am engaged in this process on a daily basis and its teachings are endless. I keep on learning new things about myself and the world around me.


Amarja’s view on my testimonial

For over 35 years I, Amarja Kamp, have been friends with Pierjasi and in those years I have shared his Journey with healing and kundalini energy. For most of those years I have been an active member of the Kundalini discovery group. I call it that because it WAS a Journey of discovery, about spirituality, our hearts and the role kundalini energy played in our lives. What I like about Pierre is that he is a perfect combination of a scientist and a healer. He uses his mind, well trained by college professors, to study a field most people wouldn’t take seriously. So this book and the other books he wrote have become a unique study of kundalini energy in everyday life and beyond. Our journey has enriched my life in amazing ways. Thank you Pierjasi!

Make your own discoveries
The purpose of this book is to be a guide in developing the kundalini system on your own, for the sake of spiritual development, healing and inner realization. The latter involves the deeper levels in yourself, consciously connecting to the higher Self, the inner light and the divine spark. This development can be helpful with (self)healing and it can provide inspiration for advising others about life’s’ greater questions. When you gain insights about the self, you gain more clarity about others and the world around you as well!
However, these ideas are of course colored by the experiences of the writer (which would be me!). My ultimate purpose is to provide you with sufficient tools for your own discovery journey towards your inner light. This book is written in such a way that there is space for your individual experiences and conclusions about that inner light. Not everything will be explained beforehand, but there will be exercises to guide you in finding revelations on your own. Many of these exercises are purposely presented as playful or light, so you won’t get stuck.
The drawings are simplistic on purpose, so that doing the exercises and meditations will be more manageable. They can help you picture energy-structures.
The real information lies in experiencing
To give you some idea of what kundalini energy is, this chapter has a short intermezzo on the subject This should give you some idea of what kundalini entails. Perceiving this energy yourself and experiencing the workings of this energy is very important. The real information lies in experiencing this energy yourself and in sensing its influence on you. This is part of true spiritual development.
Getting lost is a common risk of spiritual journeying. To help you with this, gradually, more information is given. This information can be used to compare your own experiences with those of other travelers. Sometimes there are references to other books that, can give you more elaborate information about specific themes.
In order to make the subject more alive, several examples of experiences are given. These come from proof readers and others who have done the exercises. These parts of the book are written cursively.
Intermezzo: kundalini energy, what is it?————————————————————————–
‘Kundalini’ is a Sanskrit word, meaning ‘the rolled up’. It refers to a small spiral-shaped rolled up energy channel in the tip of the tailbone of your energy body. This small spiral-shaped channel is about 0.2 inches and consists of three-and-a-half coils. From the top of this spiral flows a distinctive energy: the kundalini energy. This energy can flow through many channels in the body and it can be emitted in the aura. The greatest energy-channels lie in your energy body in the area of your physical spine. The energy body is a non-visible and non-tangible body. It can be perceived by your inner sensing or via your ‘mind’s eye’. Figure 1.2 is an image of the kundalini system.

Figure 1.2: The eight centers of kundalini energy

Here the divers kundalini-center are visible, both in the tailbone and the crown, but also the three centers under the tailbone and three centers above the crown. Activated, these triangle-shaped centers are fairly large: 8-12 inches, and very (clearly) and more easily perceptible. The kundalini energy works through in all aspects of your life, the physical, the emotional, the mental and spiritual. During major changes in your life, the kundalini system will be extra active to help you realize these changes.
Several authors of books about kundalini energy provide diverse descriptions of the workings of this energy. She is described as a creative energy, a transformative energy, a healing energy or a power boost-energy. When we go about our daily routines, this energy fulfils its purpose without us recognizing it as kundalini energy. However, in intense activity or in significant moments in our lives, this energy will show itself as the driving force of changes. How we live our lives and how we use our kundalini energy is our decision.
Kundalini energy is essential in our lives. Without it, we wouldn’t be alive! This energy helps on a physical level with the development of our bodies throughout the course of our lives. In illness or imbalance, the kundalini system comes in to help us heal. Kundalini can amplify (and even hinder) our emotional life and our mental life. She can lead to peak experiences on a spiritual level, and she can help to realize moments of unity. For some people this is an experience of enlightenment. As the kundalini system is developed in combination with our heart center, more doors towards spiritual development will open. She can help us to consciously connect with our inner light, although kundalini energy is not that light itself. Working with kundalini energy in a meditative fashion is a pathway towards a form of inner realization. The form and degree of inner realization will differ per person. Inner development and the things we are doing in the material world, will go hand in hand in the process.
Kundalini energy isn’t confined to humans only. Plants, animals and even celestial bodies have their kundalini systems. The latter is called ‘Mahakundalini’ in Indian philosophy, meaning ‘the great kundalini’.
Balanced growing
What can be one person’s favorite tool for spiritual growth and inner realization, can be another person’s bore or even a source of damage.
With regards to the possibility of damage, I recommend that people who have a sensitive energy system or who have a kundalini energy that is activated too much, to be gentle with the exercises and to stop doing them if you feel like you are losing balance. Sensitive people may be easily overstimulated by influences from the outside world or from the usage of psychotropic drugs. And people with an overly active kundalini system may sometimes experience  flows of unexpected, uncontrollable and intense energy. In order to connect with your inner light, having a certain balance is critical! Attuning to the heart chakra and regulating kundalini in accordance with the heart chakra is enormously harmonizing, both in meditation and in everyday life.
If you have a sensitive energy system and still want to work with kundalini energy, it’s best to learn to practice the cool down exercises (chapter 3) before you do any other exercises. Cool down exercises can restore balance. Imbalance can be caused by going beyond personal boundaries, breaking through blockages and forcing development. It is my experience that inner development is done fastest when remaining balanced.
The secret…
Working with a gentle, harmonious  flow of kundalini energy can be considered the ‘secret’ of this books’ method. Working regularly with this harmoniously-feeling  flow of kundalini energy helps to discover more dimensions of the inner self and becoming familiar with it. This is done in a pleasant and effective manner. Meditation, healing and exchanging experiences with others can help remove the obstacles you run into, and it can lead you to help others do the same. Thirdly it paves the way for ongoing spiritual development. In this way you can gradually make conscious contact with the Higher Self, the inner light and the divine self, the divine spark. This book offers the possibility to see if this voyage of discovery feels right for you and it can help you get started.
It wasn’t always easy to find the right words for the energy phenomena described in this book. In the practical realm of aura reading and -healing different terms are used to name these phenomena. Secondly, in yoga- and Hindu literature there are several Sanskrit terms mentioned that have been used for centuries to describe energy phenomena. To use these terms in this book seemed obvious. To assist the reader there is a glossary in the back of this book.

Lastly: ‘Pierjasi’ is the name I use as an author, referring to my soul name.
Good luck on your spiritual discovery journey!
in writing this book, the information on kundalini energy has been selected with great care, so that the information is reliable and the exercises safe. People who have a sensitive energy system or trouble with an overactive kundalini energy are hereby forwarded to the advice in chapter one. Still, there is no guarantee that the information in this book is suited for the purpose you have, or that it is suited to prevent unintended effects. In no event will we be liable for any damage, indirect or consequential, whatsoever arising from using this book.
No rights can be reserved to the content of this book.
For further questions, you can type them in the comments under this text or send them by e-mail via this website.

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