Tips for calming the kundalini

Calming the Kundalini

If you have a kundalini system that is too active (because of so-called spontaneous kundalini awakening) numerous symptoms signal this phenomenon : strong energy waves flow through the back, energy builds up in the head, waves of heat or cold course through the body. In exceptional cases the energy in this wave of heat can be enough to burn the skin of the hands and/or toenails. Further, spontaneous kundalini awakening can in some individuals be accompanied by a state of ecstasy, bliss, orgasmic feeling or (conversely) pain and anxiety. Clairvoyance, out-of-body travel and intense dreaming can also be experienced.
There is no one (universal) method for alleviating such (often) distressing effects of spontaneous kundalini awakening but with the help of some self searching by the individual involved, a way of calming an over active kundalini system can be discovered. This is so with or without the help of an aura-reader with experience in dealing with overactive kundalini experiences. Some reported approaches for stimulating and facilitating such a self-discovery programme are outlined below.

Keep a Diary
With the help of a day-to-day diary, keep track of the sort of things that are or can be contributing to over activity in your energy system. It is known that for example :
Coffee with caffeine, alcohol and some medicines can over excite one’s kundalini energy.
In some individuals warm and/or cold water can do the same.
Sport activities can help some persons keep a calm energy system. In others it will promote over excitement.
Maintaining a steady pattern of sleep and waking up is important for stabilising the kundalini energy system.
A deliberate choice of being close to nature via for example a long walk in the quiet of the countryside can work well in healing and stabilizing an excited imbalance in energy flow.
For some individuals, sexual experience can disturb kundalini calmness.
After keeping your diary about such things and events for a number of days or weeks, you may discover a pattern in your energy experience that is related to what you do or eat and drink. This will suggest what is good, less good or actually harmful to your kundalini energy balance and also what steps to take if it is overactive.

Suspend “Kundalini Stimulating” Exercises
Suspend for a trial period, meditation that you may be engaged in that is known to stimulate your energy system and especially your kundalini energy system. Be careful with breathing exercises which involve the use of prana, the vital life source present in air. These forces typically stimulate the kundalini centres in your body. This also applies to certain yoga exercises and these (if you are practising them) should also be monitored.

A Cool-Down Meditation
A meditation, which I encountered during a stay at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, Berkeley, California, USA. which I know personally has helped many individuals deflect and calm down spontaneous kundalini awakening. This particular meditation involves the following steps (see figure):
(1) Sit on a chair with your body upright and both feet planted firmly on the ground. In your mind create a root running from each foot and one from the base of your spine to the earth’s centre.
(2) Visualise a globe above your head filled with cool, blue energy. If you sense your kundalini energy is very over heated, make the energy in your globe very cold. As low as minus 100 Celsius if necessary. Now let this energy flow down (earthwards) to the kundalini triangle in the crown of your head. Note the cooling / healing effect that this has.
(3) Imagine a hollow tube running down your back. Let the blue energy from the kundalini centre in your crown flow down this hollow tube to your tailbone. In its passage downwards this energy will cool all the over activated sites located in, or in close proximity to, this tube. In Sanskrit this tube is called the sushumna


                                    Figure : Calming the kundalini with cool blue

(4) Now let the cool, blue energy continue its passage into another kundalini triangle (pointing earthwards), located in the tailbone and filled with light (the kundalini energy). Let the blue energy from your crown flow into this area until the light there is dimmed. Dimming this light reduces activity there. This in turn will correct any imbalance (if such exists) in your body’s energy centres.
(5) Finally, feel your feet again, breath deeply, relax your body. Slowly and gently emerge from your state of meditation.

From personal experience of its results, I can recommend this meditation . In some cases, it may be necessary to repeat this meditation several times.
In case you like to try an advanced meditation for cooling down your kundalini a spoken meditation is available:

►Ice Cube meditation for cooling down the kundalini


Cleaning the Energy System
Energy from another physically close to you, can sometimes destabilize your own kundalini system. It does so by nesting itself in the aura that surrounds your body or your energy body and sticking there. It will then make you feel out of balance, depressed or agitated. It is important you are able to “clean” your energy system now and then and so get rid of this invasive energy emanating from someone else. Described below is a ‘cleansing method‘ that is simple to follow and which yields good results.

(1) In your mind’s eye, summon up a picture of your own aura. Mentally’ write your own name and the current date there. Visualise roots extending from each foot and your tailbone towards the earth’s centre.
(2) Imagine the unwanted energy from other persons as small clouds in the energy field (aura) around you . Return these clouds in friendship but firmly back to their sources i.e. to the persons owning these energies.
(3) Imagine green coloured energy from the earth entering the energy centres in each of your feet and from there through your legs and from there upwards (through your pelvis) into your whole body. Respond, in your own way to its soothing effect.
(4) Imagine you take a shower of crystal clear shining water and let the cleansing power of this water wash away any traces of unwanted energy still ‘nesting’ in your aura and/or some energy centre in your energy body.
(5) Finally focus on your feet and ‘roots’ and, as you do this, feel that this stabilises your freshly cleaned energy system.

Heart Meditation
A heart meditation can be used to calm a spontaneous kundalini awakening . This involves mobilising the harmonising power of the heart chakra. To do so has the additional benefit of positive stimulation of your whole well being. This particular energy centre of ‘love, compassion and entrée to your inner light,’ lies in the centre of your chest some 10 centimetres under your throat. Imagine this centre radiating ‘unconditional love’ in the form of a beautiful, golden glow. If you are sensitive enough , you can actually feel this golden energy by holding your hand 10 – 20 centimetres in front of this chakra.
This ‘heart meditation’ involves imagining a cord running from your heart chakra to your coccyx or tail bone, mentally writing your name and the current date there and then letting golden energy from your heart chakra flow down through this cord. It further involves, internally asking this heart energy to pick up en route all ‘debris and unwanted energy’ that is disturbing other parts of your energy system and ’to deliver it through roots extending from each foot and the coccyx to the earth’s centre to be neutralized there‘. Next ask the heart chakra to harmonise as best as possible the kundalini system in your coccyx. Repeat this until you feel the kundalini coming more in balance.
When stability in the energy system is once more being experienced, it is time to let the imaginary cord and imaginary roots (from the feet and coccyx) disappear; to relax and gently to emerge from the state of ‘heart meditation’.
Notes on the ‘heart meditation experience’ should find their way into your kundalini diary.

Making Friends with Your Kundalini
Some people are reluctant to interfere with anything that is going on in their kundalini energy system. This is special the case when they are experiencing the phenomenon of spontaneous kundalini awakening. They believe kundalini energy must manifested itself how, when and where it will. But are often afraid of this strong energy and its unexpected moves. A way to deal with this energy is to start an internal dialogue with it. In doing so some people report they became friends with their kundalini which made it less frightening for them.
Discussions with someone else (possibly an aura reader who recognises kundalini over activity) can help to clarify the process that is going on.

Specialised Healing
In some cases of spontaneous kundalini awakening, it may be possible and necessary to
control this through a specialised aura reading and healing. Such might involve the aura reader in clairvoyantly looking for the cause of the problem in the subject’s past life. Often this can be some ‘past-life agreement between the subject and his or her guru’ or in certain cases, between the subject and an enemy (!) which needs re-appraisal and perhaps cancellation.


Post Script (Pierre van Eijl)
I hope your reading and practising (if needed) of the meditations I have selected, will help those of you who have had, or maybe currently experiencing, problems from spontaneous kundalini awakening.
I would welcome accounts of other meditation exercises or tips in this problem area. If you know of such, please write to me. Thank you.

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