Preface of Discovery Journey Kundalini Energy

Start of the Kundalini Practice Group
About ten years ago, I placed a small add in some New Age magazines, in which I offered the possibility to participate in a kundalini practice group, to those interested. The group was meant for exchanging experiences about kundalini energy and aura healing, and practicing kundalini meditations and healings.
The first meeting was held on January 1994. For this, and for later meetings, I made a program of meditations and aura healings in which participants could let their kundalini energy flow consciously through their energy bodies.
On these meetings we did those exercises, exchanged experiences, and gained new insights. Gradually, it became a discovery journey:  working with kundalini energy turned out to lead to an intense process of gaining spiritual awareness. Gradually I learned that working with this energy is a powerful way to enhance spiritual development. I noticed this through the experiences of the group, the many aura readings and healings I have given, and through my own meditative practice. Working with kundalini energy opens the door to discovering the inner Self, and to experiencing the different dimensions of our human existence, which wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. Through experience we discovered the importance of the heart chakra for spiritual development, the possibilities of using kundalini energy for healing and with time we gained more awareness of inner realms.
The reports I wrote after every meeting, where the starting point of this book!

Some discoveries we made were actually rediscoveries. On the most unexpected places, I ‘coincidentally’ stumbled upon phrases from esoteric literature that were a perfect fit, with the subjects we were dealing with in our group. Some of these synchronicities were interesting enough for me to mention it here. The phrases came from writers with backgrounds in yoga, theosophy, anthroposophy, Christianity, Rosicrucians, Sufis, New Age, and some were from the books of Jozef Rulof. He was a Dutch medium, active halfway the 20th century.
These synchronicities also gave a sense of recognition with other esoteric researchers. It was often surprising to read that others had similar experiences to the ones I was having.

About the nature of kundalini energy
In figure 0.1 you see a picture of a kundalini symbol, but what is kundalini really? My most simple answer: read the book, do the exercises, and you will find out for yourself. There’s a deeper meaning to this answer: ‘as long as you haven’t felt kundalini energy, or other metaphysical energies like prana or healing energy, you won’t be able to know for sure: is it nonsense? A trick of the mind, or is it real after all? What can I do with it, what good is it? Well, you will be surprised.

       Figure 0.1 Kundalini symbol

In India, the land with a great mystical tradition, the yogis and other mystic people have interesting things to say about this. Vivekananda, the well-known student of the great Indian mystic Ramakrishna, has this to say in his book ‘Rajayoga’, which is over a century old, but still relevant:

‘As this Kundalini force travels from centre to centre, layer after layer of the mind, as it were, opens up, and this universe is perceived by the Yogi in its fine, or causal form. Then alone the causes of this universe, both as sensation and reaction, are known as they are, and hence comes all knowledge. The causes being known, the knowledge of the effects is sure to follow. Thus the rising of the Kundalini is the one and only way to attaining Divine Wisdom, superconscious perception, realisation of the spirit.‘

To get to, in Vivekanda’s words: ‘the full glow of enlightenment, the perception of the Self’, through kundalini energy, many spiritual seekers have been trying to activate this energy for centuries. Sometimes successfully, but in some cases the seeker wasn’t aware of it, because the energy stream wasn’t very strong. And other times the seeker forced the process, thereby creating an energy stream that was too strong to handle. But sometimes it really was successful: the seeker was aware of the process, and did indeed gain deeper esoteric knowledge and experience.’

Activating the kundalini in a calm, meditative way
The exercises in this book will equip you with the tools to activate the kundalini in a calm, meditative way, and to, step by step,  process the spiritual development it gives.
This was not only the case for the kundalini practice group, but also for a number of proof readers that had read chapters of this book. I have asked one of them, Wiebe Tieleman, who has worked actively with the exercises, to tell me something about his experiences:
When you have done many courses already, and have come a long way with your spiritual development, there comes a point where it’s difficult to find something new to help you with your development. This book and it’s exercises have enabled me to get a step ahead with my spiritual discovery journey. The exercises are clear and to the point. They are accessible to everybody and the results can be stunning. The text is deeply informative and has given me a lot of inspiration to continue with my journey.
I have experienced many beautiful moments while reading this book and doing the exercises I hope everybody who reads this book, will have the same amazing experiences I had.

Spiritual development is something you must do yourself. However, doing things with other people, exchanging experiences and getting inspired by others, or inspiring other people, is essential for spiritual development: by giving, you create space to receive.  By giving, you make space to receive inner light. I hope that reading this book will create space to receive light, and to in turn pass it on.

Kundalini activation is a tool, not a goal
Activating kundalini energy is not a goal in itself, but a tool for spiritual development. And not only that, but spiritual development also opens up possibilities for spiritual healing.
Doing the exercises in this book can give new insights to therapists and other healers who are interested in making other people ‘whole’,  and it can expand their healing capacities.
However, this book has not been written for healers only. In fact, the book is written for anyone who wants to embark on the journey of self-discovery, and that’s why it’s dedicated to who you essentially are.

Dedicated to who you essentially are


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  1. Dear Pierjasi,
    Dear Pierjasi,

    Thank you for writing on this subject!
    When I was encountered with Kundalini energy I felt desperate and disorientated. The mind was shaken: the old perception patterns didn’t work or satisfy any more and there were no new ones as there were huge gaps of information. As a new born I was thirsty for information which could confirm and, moreover, give me deep and satisfying explanation of my experiences. And I wanted to have an outline of what to do next. However, the information on this subject is limited and stops at the certain point, sending you to the inner library. I think that many people would appreciate to have some guidelines to this library.

    About the language…

    – an powerful way >> a powerful way
    – in figure 0.1 you se >> you see
    – Vivekananda, the well-known student of the great Indian mystic Ramakrishna has >> , has
    English is not my native language, so, I am not sure about the next moments, better check them with experts:
    – the workings of kundalini >> the working of kundalini (for me it sounds better)
    – a series of chapters >> I don’t think “a” is possible before a plural noun.

    I am very curious about the next chapters…

  2. Dear Marina

    Thanks for your quick response and your personal story about kundalini experiences. I guess many people with an active kundalini system, will recognize something in your story.  What you write about limited information about kundalini energy was a reason to start the website KoendalinieNetwork/KundaliniNetwork. There is not much practical information available about kundalini energy. Although that has improved in recent years with a number of books and websites.
    Thank you for the text corrections! That is a help for I appreciate!

    Soon I will put the first chapter of the book on the website but I notice that a book page is something different from a web page. On the web the pieces of text have to be much shorter with more pictures. I’m going to see what I can do.

    Oh yes, the pyramid blog might also be interesting for you. That describes an incredibly deep initiation in earlier times through the pyramid complex of Giza.

    Best wishes for you and your family, in faraway India, Pierjasi

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