Meditation to activate the kundalini harmoniously

Why to activate the kundalini? Many people have very outspoken ideas about kundalini energy and its value. They think a strong flow of kundalini energy through their bodies makes them enlightened, one with God… And indeed kundalini energy can help a lot to boost somebody’s spiritual development, to have dazzling spiritual experiences and even to have experiences of unity. But having a strong flow of kundalini energy doesn’t make somebody necessarily a better person. Personal and spiritual growth is a process; life itself and the way its challenges are met, determines one’s growth and how ‘enlightened’ we become.
Kundalini energy can help spiritual development. An harmonious flow of kundalini energy can help together with a form of self healing and healing, to accomplish astonishing steps of spiritual growth. A strong flow of kundalini energy brings often people out of balance (as occurs sometimes with a ‘spontaneous kundalini awakening’) and it is quite a challenge to regain that balance.
On this page I have described an activation meditation you can do to stimulate your kundalini system in an harmonious way. It helps to generate a kind of spiritual development that is manageable so your energy system don’t get out of control.
During the next weeks you can use the following meditation exercise daily. Depending of your personal sensitivity you can feel the kundalini energy as a very subtle flow through your (energy) body.


Kundalini activation exercise

1) Sit comfortably on a chair wit your feet firmly on the ground. You can keep on your shoes. Visualize a root is coming out of each of your foot and your tailbone going into the earth. Imagine these roots go deeper and deeper until they reach the core of this planet. Now you can attach the roots to the core. Use your own imagination to bind or stick the roots there. These roots help to stabilize your energy body and your aura around you. This is necessary to accomplish an effective meditation on the kundalini and it helps to strengthen your balance.


                             Figure: grounding yourself via the feet and the tailbone

2) Close your eyes and visualize the kundalini symbol : a rod with two channels intertwined; also called the caduceus. The rod symbolizes the central kundalini channel through your backbone (at least partially) and through your head toward your crown. The intertwined channels start at your tailbone and go up to the centre of your head. The wings are symbol for the transcendence to which kundalini activation in combination with spiritual development can lead. Visualize the kundalini symbol as gold shining. This is a mystical way to bring you in close contact with your own kundalini system in your energy body. And don’t forget: every body has this energy system but because of his meditation you make in a conscious way contact with it!

                                                            Figure: the kundalini symbol

3) Imagine to clean mentally this golden symbol with a sponge and water in a nice colour : transparent yellow, orange, red, green, blue or whatever you link. In stead of a sponge you can use another cleaning device you like more. You even can use pink as the colour of spiritual love. It sounds simple but with this cleaning your putify your own kundalini energy system which helps to arrive at an optimal flow of kundalini energy.
4) Visualize your name in this symbol. That helps to ‘own’ in a conscious way your kundalini and helps to get rid of irritating or annoying energy of other people.
5) Visualize today’s date in the symbol. Thoughts and memories with an emotional load out of the past that are no longer relevant for the present can solve more easily now and can’t disturb your kundalini any longer. Your symbol may appear now more radiant and more familiar to you.
6) Then we have the critical activation step : imagine you bring your clean and gold shining kundalini symbol in your tailbone area. If you do so, you can sense an energy change in your back. May be you had to adjust your physical attitude so this kundalini energy can flow as freely as possible though your back and the rest of your body.
Stay with your attention at this feeling of flowing energy and sense how this flow goes further and further though your body. Each part of your body can be touched by this energy and is a stimulant for your spiritual development.

As you have felt this energy in a sufficient way in your body you can ‘cool down’ the kundalini system with the following exercise. The regular use of this exercise enables you to get a form of mental control over his very important system of energy.


Kundalini cool down exercise

1) Visualise a globe above your head filled with cool, blue energy. Let this energy flow down (earthwards) to the crown of your head. Note the cooling effect this has.
2) Imagine a hollow tube running down your back, the central channel of the kundalini. Let the blue energy from globe and your crown flow down this hollow tube to your tailbone. In its passage downwards this energy will cool also the intertwined channels around the central channel

Figure : Calming the kundalini with cool blue


3) Now let the cool, blue energy continue its passage into the tailbone until it feels completely calm there.
4) Finally, dissolve the globe and all other pictures, feel your feet again, breath deeply and relax your body. Slowly and gently emerge from your state of meditation.

From personal experience of its results, I can recommend this meditation. In case of an over active kundalini it may be necessary to repeat the cool down meditation several times.

Frequency of exercise
You can do these activation exercise daily and after two or three weeks you can feel a subtle change in your energy. The kundalini system becomes mildly activated and the time has come to learn a new spiritual exercise for a next step in your spiritual development.
If for one way or another this activation exercises don’t feel good, stop it or slow down the intensity of your activation meditations and give more emphasis on the cool down part.
If you have the feeling your spiritual development is going too fast give yourself a break, do not meditate for a couple of days, go out for a long walk or swim so your body can again stabilise itself.

Enjoy and feedback
Enjoy your spiritual growth and please, send me your experiences with this exercise so I can eventually give feedback.

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