4 Fountains of Kundalini Energy


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                                                                   ‘Getting to a higher level of conscious activity’
The start-up exercise described in the last chapter is effective, but in the kundalini practice group another aspect of the kundalini energy is usually being emphasized during the start-up. This is an aspect I discovered during my first set of ‘aura readings of kundalini energy’.  An example of this was an aura reading with a woman. During this reading something came up, that I hadn’t encountered before. I saw radiant kundalini-activity in her stomach-area that was connected to a very special experience. When I got closer to the core of  this, she told me that there were certain moments of joy during which she could feel energy in this area. A moment of joy was also coupled with a sense of vulnerability and openness. The energy that was related to those senses was a low, softly bubbling fountain of kundalini energy in her stomach.
Shortly after this, I gave an aura reading to a woman who herself gave healing courses and was who very spiritually minded. During her reading another large fountain of kundalini energy became visible, bubbling up above her head. The kundalini energy that fell down, formed a cupola of energy around her. This cupola could be small but also quite large. She sometimes organized healing courses in which she focussed on the entire Netherlands. I saw that the fountain of kundalini energy that corresponded with this, formed a cupola that was active in all over  the Netherlands. She told me that in this situation, people signed up for the course spontaneously, before she even began advertising.
Another example from an aura reading was a kundalini energy fountain  from someone who liked to be seen and noticed. The energy-fountain created an energy field around him, that some people noticed unconsciously, whereby they  involuntary glanced at the concerning person. This was a very familiar phenomenon for this person, and almost a ‘natural’ given. He very much valued being noticed.

The second level of activation: kundalini fountains.
The capacity of the kundalini system to produce powerful energy fountains, is typical for this system. Further development of the kundalini system, aura readings and exchanges showed that this was a distinct activation-level: the second activation-level. The first level corresponds to the physical experiencing the kundalini stream through our energy body, as described in the last chapter.
This second level of activation is easiest to achieve by  doing the start-up-exercise first and then the exercise described next.

Exercise: kundalini fountains (second activation-level)
When you have started the kundalini energy up to the first level of activation, and you’ve moved this energy  through your energy body and arms, you can let it flow to your crown.

  1. Kundalini energy from your crown
    When you feel that the kundalini energy reaches the underside of your crown, you can set your regulation dial at the tailbone area a little higher…and then you can imagine that the energy flows through the crown area, and comes out of your head like a fountain…
    For some ,this may feel like a relief because the kundalini energy ‘pressed on’  the crown during the first activation-exercise and is now able to flow outwards freely, like at figure 4.1.

Figure 4.1 Fountain of kundalini energy from the crown area

  1. Navigating the fountain
    Now notice that the kundalini fountain that comes out of your head, can be navigated mentally. You can broaden it, of make it more concentrated. You can also try to get an impression of the downwards flowing kundalini energy around you…try to let the kundalini fountain flow as pleasantly as possible… You may want to imagine a regulation-dial on the upside of your crown to set the fountain in a way that you feel like you’re in a delicious, soft flow of energy…
  2. Fountains from the palms of your hands
    Now let little fountains flow from the palms of your hands. First left…,then right…and then both…Feel how you can make the fountains bigger…and how you can navigate them with your hands…
    When you do this exercise with someone else you can feel the energy of the fountains of each other and notice what they feel like!
  3. Healing blockages
    Mentally imagine a screen in front of you…and put a picture of yourself on it…imagine that a fountain of kundalini energy comes out of your crown and let it become visible in the picture as a green energy…a shade of green that is pleasant for you. Sometimes blockages may be in the way, causing the fountain to flow less than optimal. Let these blockages become visible on the screen. Mentally say ‘hello’ to them and heal these blockages by flowing colours through them on your screen…, by writing your name and the date on it.. and any other techniques you know. Visualize a rose and blow it up.
  4. Cool down
    Now let the fountain disappear… set the dial in your kundalini-area at your tailbone area lower…and finish this meditation with the cool down-exercise with the cool, blue energy.

Now that you have become acquainted with these kundalini fountains, you can find a way in which they manifest in your everyday life. Sometimes it’s the most sparkling events in your life where these fountain energies are most active. Moments of joy where everything flows smoothly.
When you do this exercise again, you can put a screen in front of you (like in step 4) and now let some images come up where you felt these energies before. Maybe this gives you an impression of what these energies are related to: who or what had to do with these energies?
For one person this can be an experience in nature, for another it can be an experience with a lover and for someone else it may be a mystical experience of feeling oneness with something higher.
During the time that I got involved in this material, I began seeing the fountains  in ponds and around statues in another light. Maybe they themselves express something radiant, beautiful or pleasant.

A higher level of conscious activity
Those who can regulate their kundalini energy so that they have achieved the second level of activation with the fountains, have brought their kundalini system to a higher level of conscious activity. When you give aura readings, you will notice that you sometimes give different types of readings because certain energies are becoming visible, where they were previously invisible.
The flowing kundalini energy brings the whole energy system to a higher state of activity. This stimulates the process of awakening, this might cause old blockages to come to the surface. These can be   old thoughts or feelings that are not relevant anymore, but still remain somewhere in our energy system. They hold on to a part of our life-energy and can cause certain patterns in our thinking and feeling, that block an open, conscious attitude and a harmonious way of being. These old thoughts and patterns can  be from experiences from this life, but sometimes they are ‘remnants’ from previous lives that correspond with intense experiences.
Self-healing can help enormously with this, as well as exchanging healings with others. The self-healing techniques that were mentioned before, can be of use.  Giving healings is just as important as receiving them.. Especially giving healings seems to yield an inner space for the next step in your spiritual development. Healing and clairvoyantly ‘reading’ each other’s energy   can also make your own process more insightful. Suddenly it can become clear what is really going on and it can be very helpful knowing that you aren’t the only one who’s going through these things.

Peak experiences and  dips
Peaks and dips can alternate during this period. I personally had a peak experience a few days after I  had worked with the kundalini -group with energy fountains. During this day I went to a restaurant in a forest with my then girlfriend and our young daughter to go for a drink. We went to this place quite often, and afterwards we walked through the forest and got to an open area, a piece  of heather lit up by the  sun breaking through the clouds.
Right after we sat down there, I was overcome with a radiant sense of happiness. The sun, the nature, the setting with my girlfriend and daughter…everything seemed to conspire together in order to give this special moment its fullness. I could feel the fountains of kundalini energy flowing out of my crown chakra automatically and I felt incredibly joyful. Later on, this experience shifted to a sense of inner happiness about having had this  experience. This feeling stayed with me throughout the day.

The chakras
Kundalini isn’t just about bringing old blockages to the surface, she can also be used to strengthen and accelerate one’s own healing process. An example of this is the cleansing of chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel, in this case a ‘wheel of energy’. Chakras can be considered to be the organs of our energy body.
There are seven main chakras in our energy body and each fulfils different functions. Together they form one coherent energy system. Each chakra is an energy-world in itself through which energy can flow in and out. The energy in a chakra makes a circling movement, hence the Sanskrit term. When the energy in a chakra moves smoothly and isn’t stuck, we feel good. When it doesn’t, we feel less good, somewhat dull or blocked.
When we focus on a chakra, and work with it consciously, the chakra temporarily grows, and becomes more radiant and therefore more clairvoyantly  visible.

The heart chakra
Lets focus on the heart chakra, also called the mystical heart. This is an energy centre at the height of our physical sternum, roughly a hand width under the  notch in our throat. This is the energy that we generally refer to with phrases such as ‘heartily’, and ‘whole hearted’ etcetera.
When we feel love for somebody, this centre opens like a flower and a beautiful energy radiates outwards. The person this heart energy is aimed at, can experience this in different ways. One person will feel the warmth and the love, and another person may not notice it at all.
Chakras have a round form at the surface of our energy body. Further inwards they become a little smaller and even deeper inwards they become a narrow channel through our energy body.
The narrowing part of the chakra, corresponds with deeper layers in ourselves. This means that a sense of love that is related to a deep and essential part of ourselves, can become radiant through a deeper part of the heart chakra.
The love-radiance from another person may be perceivable to us with our own heart chakra. This love energy can move into our heart chakra and circulate within it: ‘warming our heart’. It is necessary, however, to  open our heart chakra for this. When our heart chakra is closed, we will barely be able to feel another person’s love, and maybe not at all.
Our heart chakra won’t always be a smoothly operating energy centre. Old experiences such as heartbreak, traumas and horrors, can result in blockages in our heart chakra. Healing what happened, can give heart chakra and our sense of love more space. Sometimes the heart chakra contains images of old, now irrelevant experiences, that don’t have a helpful function in the present, and they can be healed and be resolved.  To solve these problems, aura readings and healings can be extremely helpful to  make the heart chakra more radiant and to create more consciousness of our feelings of love. The latter can help us in our spiritual development, because each of the other chakras can also benefit from this and develop further. Conscious development of the heart chakra can help us to make our feelings of love more conscious and how to love more unconditionally.

The systems of chakras
What I said about the heart chakra, also applies to the other chakras. The other chakras are also able to function more or less smoothly and develop themselves as we treat the qualities of the chakra more consciously. I will talk about the different chakras below: The chakras form an  energy system from the  earth-focused first chakra to the spiritually-focussed seventh chakra.   The fourth chakra is in the middle, the heart chakra as the transition between the material and the spiritual. When working with kundalini energy it is important to have an idea of the location and function of the different chakras. There is a scheme for this (figure 4.2) with in explanation in the text.

 7- Crown chakra: clairvoyant knowing, being your own master, contact with the higher self. Sanskrit: Sahasrara chakra; the lotus with a thousand leaves.
6-Forehead chakra: clairvoyant seeing, (self) insight. Also called: the third eye. Sanskrit:  Anja chakra.
5-Throat chakra: clairvoyant hearing, inner voice, telepathy. Sanskrit: Vishuddi chakra.
4-Heart chakra: radiating love outwards, fine-tuned observing of feelings, transformation and harmonisation of energy, experiencing the inner self. Sanskrit: Anahata chakra.
3- Third chakra, diaphragm area: willpower, (self) control, setting boundaries. Sanskrit: Manipura chakra.
2-Second or navel chakra: emotions, father- or motherhood, sexual feelings, social radar. Sanskrit: Swadhisthana chakra.
1-Tailbone-chakra: basis, connection to the earth, direction in life, dealing with the material side of life, sense of the body. Sanskrit: Mooladhara chakra.

Figure 4.2 Overview of the seven chakras

The Sanskrit words are also mentioned, as they are mentioned in many books on the subject. This reflects some of the enormous knowledge about our inner metaphysical energy systems that advanced yogis have built up and passed on through the centuries

The first chakra
The location of the first chakra depends on the gender: with men, the entrance of this chakra is located at the tailbone, obliquely directed down and backwards, and with women the entrance to this chakra is in the perineum, directed downwards. This chakra is all about our place on this earth, our territory, our food, everything that’s relevant for the material foundation of our existence on earth and in relation to the earth as an energy body. If we cannot ground somewhere, then something isn’t right in the relation between our first chakra and the earth. When we are dealing with spiritual growth, it’s important to maintain a good contact between the earth and this chakra. Otherwise it’s easy to start ‘floating’. When you have spent time in another place, or when you were born in another place, this chakra can still have a connection with that place. It helps to bring this connection ‘up-to-date’, so that you feel more present in the here and now.

The second chakra
The second chakra is right beneath our navel with its entrance directed forward. This chakra concerns  the emotional relationship we have with the world around us. All sorts of emotions are related to this chakra. When one feels sexual emotions this chakra radiates an orange colour, and this activity can connect with the second chakra of the person the sexual feelings are aimed at. This can give a sense of excitement, but it’s also possible that this activity interferes. The second chakra is also related to mother- or fatherhood. The energy systems from both the mother (to be) and the father (to be) change significantly during  a pregnancy. This way, both mother and father become energetically prepared for receiving this child, taking care of it and being attuned to it. In this process, the second chakra plays an important  role.
Another interesting quality of the second chakra, is this: when we enter a room with other people, our second chakra helps us in sensing how pleasant of unsafe this crowd is for our energy system. It literally functions as a ‘social radar’, a form of clairsentience.
Another interesting property of this chakra I encountered in a spiritual management course. A smoothly running second chakra in a work environment, can be of great importance when functioning as a manager: it has the ability to support other people and to get them enthusiastic about  their work.

The third chakra
The third chakra is situated in our diaphragm area. This chakra is related to our willpower. We use this chakra when we activate our willpower and aim it at certain goals or certain people. Those of us who want to impose our will upon others, will do so via our third chakra. When we discipline ourselves, for example when we control ourselves to contain certain emotions, we also do so via this chakra.
When other people try to impose their will upon us, it’s possible that through their third chakra-energy, an energy line or cord can get stuck in our third chakra, or another part of our energy system. This feels unpleasant. It may feel cramped and this type of cord messes with our diaphragm area energy. Physical symptoms may be a knot in your stomach ,heartburn and nausea, not coming from  any particular physical cause. A healing aimed at this stomach area, can sometimes solve stomach issues in a very short time.

The fourth chakra
The fourth or heart chakra was already discussed. Through this chakra of love we transcend the border between the earthly and the spiritual. Further ahead in this book, you will encounter this chakra many times: it helps to focus our spiritual development on what essentially matters to us.

The fifth chakra
The fifth chakra is our throat chakra, our communication centre. It lies midway our throat and has the capacity to create energetic thought communication (telepathy ). Our inner voice is related to the throat chakra. Blockages in this chakra can be a consequence of old experiences in which certain things couldn’t be heard or certain things you said, resulted in punishment  for saying them. Traumatic experiences from past lives in which the throat area played a  role, can be found here as well.
When we use our voice a lot, for example when giving a speech  for an audience in which we translate our thoughts into words, this chakra is very active.

The sixth chakra
 The sixth chakra, or the third eye lies on our forehead. Proverbially this area can be called our minds’ eye. This chakra is involved intensively when we have an insight about something. All sorts of expressions in our language refer to it (being able to oversee a problem, see through someone’s intentions, etc. ), in which the verb ‘to see’ refers to the activities of the sixth chakra.
When we are mentally creating a visualized image, we use another ability of our sixth chakra. Perceiving the invisible world and ‘spiritual light’  is another one. Through this chakra we are able to receive images from someone’s energetic appearance, such as with an aura  reading. This clairvoyant ability is partially independent of time and space. We can still receive images from someone’s energy from a distance and the same applies to images from a distant past! This chakra creates huge possibilities for spiritual archaeology. In working with trained aura readers, interesting (additional) information can be found about events from the past.
Numerous blockages can occur in this chakra. Examples are mental images that distort the clairvoyant perception of images that one does not want to face due to negative experiences. With some help from the exercises, such as the ones described in this book, the sixth chakra is being activated and one’s clairvoyant capacities can evolve.

The seventh chakra
The seventh chakra is in our crown, or a bit above it! it’s also called our crown chakra and it’s related to  claircognizance. When we focus on inner knowledge, this chakra becomes extra active. The seventh chakra contains much knowledge about who we are as human being, about our relationship with the ‘divine’, about our autonomy and even our own opinion on these matters is formed here. Here too blockages can play a  role, for example our beliefs (that we got from others) about spiritual development, God, enlightenment, sin, punishment etc. These beliefs can ‘program’ our chakra and thereby distort our own thinking and exploring. This can  be a great obstacle for your spiritual development. Sometimes other people’s influences are so strong, that their energy cords hook into this chakra. This can give you the inclination to view the world from this other persons perspective. Cleansing the chakra’s energy frequently is a way to become free from this programming and to gain back your spiritual freedom.

Cleansing the chakras with kundalini energy
 Using kundalini energy to activate your chakras , can have a powerful cleansing effect. The next meditation further elaborates on this effect. In this meditation, we allow kundalini energy to flow outwards in a spiral shaped stream moving through the chakras. Should this be the first time that you cleanse a chakra, I would advise you to first do this with earth- and cosmic  energy, just like the first meditation exercise in this book. This in itself has a cleansing effect. The ‘power spiral’ of the following exercise can be done some time later, according to your personal need and capacity for spiritual change.

Guided meditation: the power spiral (second level of activity)
Begin by doing the cleansing- and warming up meditations and let the kundalini energy flow like fountains from your crown and the palms of your hands.  This  activates  your whole energy system. Then focus on  your tailbone area.

  1. The first chakra
    Let the kundalini energy move upwards from the tailbone triangle and flow into the first chakra behind your tailbone…Let the kundalini energy flow in a spiral, starting inside and flowing  outwards… (figure 4.3). When this power spiral flows outwards, you may feel enormously connected with the earth.

Figure 4.3 Purifying a chakra with a spiral of kundalini energy

When you let the power spiral flow, this may give you the feeling that you only have a tiny space on this earth. Now find your own balance point between inside and outside…within this balance your energy feels most alive and stable. Use the cleansing- and healing techniquesfrom the last exercise to furtherpurify this chakra. Visualize a rose in front of the first chakra…and blow it up. Repeat this until the rose has become clear. This sort of cleaning can give a chakragreaterclearness.
If you have children, don’t clear out this chakra too thoroughly. Children often have an energetic connection with their parents on this level. They need this to experience enough safety in the world. If you have associations with your children during this exercise, don’t  try to clear it all out and allow some golden light to flow from your heart chakra to  this chakra.

  1. The second chakra
    Now let your kundalini stream move through your spinal channel towards your second chakra…and once again allow the power spiral to flow through it.  When you let the kundalini energy  flow from the front of this chakra, outwards…, it is possible that a little cloud of strange energy from other people lights up, causing the energy stream to slow down and become more diffused. Clean up this cloud…If you say ‘hello’ with your heart chakra to this place, it’s possible you receive images of ideas about the origin of the strange energy… For instance,  it’s  typical for the second chakra to store energy from people who find you sexually attractive. Lastly, once again seek the balance point between inside and outside…
  2. The third up to the seventh chakra
    Do the same power spiral exercise with the other chakras and each time, try to gain awareness of the difference between outside and inside. Use cleansing- and healing techniques for each chakra in order to purify it.
    When you are done with the seventh chakra, which is directed upwards, you can once again let the kundalini energy flow like a fountain from your crown and your hand chakras… Allow this fountain of kundalini energy to flow all the way around you…
  3. Extra exercise when working with a partner
    Together feel the effect of the power spiral, and have one person sitting down and the other person stand.
    *the seated person lets kundalini energy move outwards through their third chakra in a spiral …the other person feels this spiral from a distance…
    *The seated person allows this kundalini spiral to flow inwards  and the other person observes the huge difference…
    *You can do this with the other chakras too, for example the heart chakra and the hand chakras, as long as the seated person is comfortable with it.
    *Lastly, you can feel the kundalini fountain too…It flows  downwards around 1 to 2 meters around the seated person. One of the fun things about this, is that the kundalini fountain can be navigated! The seated person can mentally navigate their fountain towards their left or their right side. The other person can observe this.
  4. Healing fountain
    Focus your attention on your tailbone and on the regulation dial that you visualized in the start-up exercise. You are now in the position to give yourself a healing. Let the kundalini stream be a gentle, harmonizing energy that helps your system to regain balance…and to heal where necessary. This is an intuitive process. Once you feel that the energy fountain is a benefaction to your system and leaves  you feeling whole, you’ve found a good setting. Now choose a colour for the energy fountain that feels good to you…Let this coloured fountain flow through your entire system. You can let the places that need a little extra light up…By focussing on those places, you can send some extra healing energy to that spot.
  5. Completion
    Let the fountain dissolve smoothly, turn your regulation dial  a little lower and do the cool down procedure…finally come out of your meditative state…and gently shift and wiggle a bit.

If you aren’t used to letting your kundalini energy flow like that, don’t practice it too intensively.  A meditation may last up to an hour, but in the beginning it may be a good idea to only let the kundalini energy flow for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. If you notice that your  kundalini energy is overly active after the exercise, try doing the cooling down and don’t work with kundalini energy for a few days. Don’t forget that your kundalini system and your energy body will easily need a couple of weeks to prepare for a greater energy capacity. After a while it’s easier to let the kundalini energy flow for a longer time.
Sometimes one chakra in particular comes up stronger while practicing with kundalini energy. Described below is the experience of a proof reader  with her heart chakra:
A pretty open heart chakra
The kundalini-exercises aren’t giving results as quickly as I would like, unfortunately. When cleansing my chakra’s, I always get stuck at the heart chakra. I think I really need to take my time for cleansing my heart chakra properly.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong, I don’t know. Or maybe  more clutter than expected had to be released at the heart chakra.
I thought I had a pretty open heart chakra.  It seems to have plenty energy, plenty enthusiasm etcetera. But yeah,  my heart  has taken quite a beating lately. So it’s not too surprising that I can’t get it clean and shiny again as quickly as I’d like.
Sometimes I feel this chakra open up during the day, when I transcend earthly things like jealousy. My rational mind doesn’t understand that, but my heart just opens in those moments and I get to feel a wave of warmth.

In several books about intuitive development and spiritual healing,  and in many courses, the qualities and capacities of the chakra’s are elaborated on much more. Those of you who are interested can  look there for more information on the subject. If the previous exercises have given you a way to establish contact with your chakras, it could be an interesting challenge to discover the meaning of the different chakras yourself before you immerse yourself in the writings of other people.
The backside of a chakra
During the exercises in this chapter we have been focussing on the front of the chakras, but there is more! The second up to the sixth chakra have an opening at the front that narrows toward the inside of your body and broadens again at the back (figure 4.4).

Figure 4.4 Front side and back side of a chakra

These chakras are more focussed on (feeling)communication, exchange and openness at the front. Moving to the back, the focus is more on willpower, protection and contraction. They seem to be situated in the energy body in a bipolar way.
The seventh and the first chakra also have a bipolar relation to each other.  The seventh chakra is focussed on the higher, the divine, and the first chakra is focused on the basic, the earthly. There is a vertical connection channel between these chakras.
When cleansing these chakras it’s a good idea to include the backsides as well. Sometimes disruptions are stored there that can be resolved with self-healing.
Just in front of the backbone in the energy body, the chakras inside are connected to a vertical energy channel. The kundalini energy flows through this channel into the chakra.

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