The Kundalini System

The Sanskrit word ‘kundalini’ means the ‘curled one’. Clairvoyant observation of the energy body reveals for the experienced aura reader a curled channel within 31/2 windings in our tailbone area. This is not the only kundalini centre. In our crown area is another less well known kundalini centre. In the aura above our head there are three other centres and this we find repeated in the aura under the tailbone. All together eight centres which are depicted in the artistic impression of the kundalini system.

        Artistic impression of the kundalini system


In addition to the ascending stream of more physical oriented kundalini energy is, a descending stream of spiritual or cosmic kundalini energy. If we work in a conscious way with kundalini energy in meditation and self healing it is important to keep a balance between these two.


Seven levels of awakening

In the development of kundalini in the body, seven levels or stages of awakening can be distinguished.


                                             Seven levels of kundalini awakening

In each level the kundalini has its own pattern of energy. On the first level, for example, the kundalini flows mostly in the energy body as a quiet and, if not disturbed, often pleasant energy. On the second level the kundalini starts flowing as fountains of energy. The fountain can flow in the body but can also flow out of our crown and hands. Peak experiences in which we have the feeling that everything in us and around us ‘flows’ involve often this second level of kundalini activity. On higher levels of kundalini awakening the energy becomes more intense and also the flow pattern of the energy changes. By doing certain energy exercises it is possible to develop the kundalini gradually and to master higher levels of awakened kundalini. An introductory meditation to learn to activate your kundalini system in an harmonious way can be found on this website.

Other levels of kundalini activation

Mastery of the seven levels of kundalini activation frees the way to other ways of kundalini arousal. One important way is for instance the “decurling” of the 3 1/2 winding in the kundalini centres. This too can contribute to a process of continuing spiritual development and exploring the ultimate source within.


Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening

Some people may unexpectedly experience a spontaneous kundalini awakening. They feel suddenly strong energy waves in their body, sensations of heat and cold, clairvoyant visions, intense dreams, literally feeling the energy making its way through their energy body and so on. These sensations may be pleasant but also alarming or frightening. Aura readings of persons with a spontaneous kundalini awakening often reveal a past life where the kundalini had been forced to over activity usually with the help of a special teacher or other person.
A short and / or pleasant awakening may be not a great problem. But a long during intense one does usually. A special page is provided with tips for calming the kundalini.

New possibilities for spiritual development

One of the fascinating things is that during this awakening process new elements of our spiritual self become disclosed. Examples of these processes include: making the vital life forces more conscious, discovering the memory stores of this life and other lives, becoming aware of what happens during our sleep, the origin and functions of our sub personalities, the role of kundalini in conception and gestation of the human embryo, the field of power we can radiate with kundalini energy, the causal energy bodies, the seats of the soul, experiences of unity and so on. All of them contribute to a deeper understanding and knowing of who we are. It allows also to meet our fellow human beings at a more deeper, more essential level.


Discovery journey

Someone who starts developing his or her kundalini energy in a conscious way with meditative exercises, aura healing and, if possible, aura reading embarks on a mystical discovery journey in the world of spiritual healing and development. 

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